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Appealing a Tampa Criminal Conviction

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Convicted of a crime in Tampa?  Unsure whether you can appeal your conviction, or whether you have grounds to appeal?  Having trouble navigating the criminal appellate process?  

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If you were convicted of a crime in Tampa, Florida, don't ignore your possible appellate rights.  The appellate process is complex and difficult to understand.  Brooke Elvington is an AV-rated experienced criminal appellate attorney, who has personally handled more than 300 criminal appeals and post-conviction cases in Tampa and throughout the State of Florida.   Ms. Elvington's firm is dedicated to handling criminal appeals and 3.850 cases in Tampa and throughout the 13th Judicial Circuit. 

Read Brooke's article on the criminal appellate process to understand how criminal appeals work.  

When should a person retain the services of a criminal appellate attorney?

It is not uncommon for appellate attorneys to be involved in the entire trial process to ensure that possible appellate issues are preserved; however, in most cases appellate attorneys are retained after the conviction.  If you were convicted of a crime in Tampa, Ms. Elvington can be retained prior to sentencing for the purpose of preserving sentencing issues, and possible motions for a new trial or renewed motions for judgment of acquittal.  

How do I file an appeal for my Tampa criminal conviction?

Trial counsel is required to file all of the initial appellate documents, including the notice of appeal.  If you retain an appellate attorney prior to the filing of the notice of appeal, the appellate attorney can file all of the required documents.  If you failed to file the notice of appeal within 30 days of your judgment, a criminal appellate attorney may be able to help you with filing a petition for a belated appeal.  

Why should I contact Brooke Elvington Appellate Law?

Ms. Elvington is an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the complexities of a criminal trial.  She limited her practice to criminal appeals and post-conviction motions for more than 10 years, and has handled more than 300 criminal appeals and post-conviction cases throughout Florida.  Many attorneys advertise their involvement in thousands of criminal appeals.  When interviewing criminal appellate attorneys ask the attorney about his/her personal experience.  Often attorneys combine their experience for marketing purposes with large numbers of associated attorneys nationwide.  Ms. Elvington handles all of her cases personally.  You will not speak with an associate, ghost writer or law clerk.  Read more about Brooke's background and a sampling of her reported cases.  Ms. Elvington is dedicated to fighting for her clients, and uses her appellate knowledge, experience and skill to pursue all possible appellate options.