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If you or a loved one was recently convicted of a crime in Miami, do not delay, contact an experienced criminal appeals lawyer.  A conviction is overwhelming and often leaves the individual and his/her family confused, frustrated and devastated.  Everyone may know that the appeal is the next procedural step, but most are entirely overwhelmed by the criminal appellate process.  

Brooke Elvington is an experienced AV-rated criminal appellate attorney who handles criminal appeals in Miami and throughout the State of Florida.  Contact us today for a free consultation for your criminal appellate case.  

What is an appeal?

The criminal appeal is a process where an individual challenges his/her conviction.  It is not a second trial.  An experienced criminal appellate lawyer will analyze the entire case to determine whether there are any legal errors that occurred throughout the process that warrant reversal.  There are a variety of possible errors that could have occurred, including, (but are in no limited to), the following:

  • ​Denial of motions in liming to exclude evidence
  • Denial of motions to suppress or dismiss
  • Improper jury selection/Improper jury instructions
  • Insufficiency of the evidence
  • Improper admission of evidence/Improper exclusion of defense evidence
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Denial of motions for a mistrial

​An experienced criminal appeals lawyer will review the record for possible errors, conduct legal research and draft written arguments, (the briefs), to the appellate court.  In Miami, all appellate work is done within the Third District Court of Appeal.  In surrounding areas, including Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach, appellate cases are heard within the Fourth District Court of Appeal.  

Why Us?

Brooke Elvington is an experienced criminal appellate lawyer who has personally handled more than 300 criminal appeals and post-conviction cases throughout the State of Florida.  Ms. Elvington's background is in criminal trial litigation at both the state and federal level; however, she developed a passion for the appellate process, and decided to devote her work to criminal appeals and post-conviction cases nearly a decade ago.  She will guide you through this difficult process with honesty and dignity, and will aggressively pursue all of your appellate remedies.  

When interviewing criminal appellate lawyers, ask:

  • How long he/she has practiced law
  • How long he/she has worked in appellate law
  • How many briefs he/she personally researched and drafted
  • The attorney's approach to criminal appeals and the criminal appellate process
  • How the attorney conducts research and stays current on the ever-changing criminal law

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